Merger with K.K. Zenro

March 4, 2021

Mobilicis is pleased to announce that it has entered into an Agreement to merge with K.K. Zenro, based in Japan, and its Indian subsidiary, Mobiru.

Smartphone sales worldwide are expected to grow over 10% in 2021, and sales of used phones are increasing significantly too. The COVID era presents challenges to mobile operators and mobile retailers on how to manage this increase. At the same time, mobile operators are facing the cost of migrating to 5G.

These events are putting a lot of pressure on profitability and customer satisfaction. Thus, operators and retailers, along with reverse logistics companies, are looking for tools to make it easier for customers to troubleshoot and upgrade devices.

Mobilicis has been a global industry pioneer in cloud-based tools for troubleshooting and upgrade. Over the last 10 years, its cloud suite has been used by leading companies in the telecom space. It was formed recently after acquiring the assets of Pervacio, Inc.

Zenro has developed the world first smartphone cosmetic grading solution for retail outlets. It’s AI based engine identifies scratches and display damage and rates them to industry standards, at an industry leading low cost and high speed.

Zenro’s Indian subsidiary, Mobiru, has also developed an exchange platform for buyers and sellers to determine best pricing for a device.

With this merger, we intend to integrate the product offerings of both companies into a unified global platform, making Mobilicis the first company in the world to offer a complete solution including hardware, software, and cosmetic assessment.

Pradeep Saha